Say good-bye to Chronic Niceness.

Join Joe on the TEDx Stage in Youngstown, Ohio as he explains how being nice is actually hurting us all and keeping us from discovering desperately needed solutions in today’s world.
Learn how Joe uses Fierce Civility to overcome Chronic Niceness in the upcoming new workshop. Details Below!
The Fierce Civility Project

Introduction to Fierce Civility: Overcome Your Chronic Niceness

June 1, 2024 11am-1pm ET
$44USD - Zoom link provided upon registration

In this virtual training, you will develop unique skills and strategies for dialoguing with others while honoring differences as an effective way to get to better, broader collaborative solutions. Learn how to empower yourself to gracefully withstand challenging situations and effectively flow through them. 

With both theory and practices, you will cultivate skill and confidence to:

  • Overcome your patterns of “chronic niceness” and speak your truth more effectively
  • Regulate your nervous system and increase self-care
  • Hold yourself and others accountability in a respectful way that leads to a culture of mutual empowerment


This session includes instruction and theory, group interactions, discussion, and written and physical exercises.

You will walk away with a renewed sense of fierce hope and a higher vision of personal and societal civility that meets the challenges of our time.

Who is Joe Weston?

Joe Weston is an international  thought leader, facilitator, trainer, author, lecturer, consultant, coach, professor and—above all else—an advocate for lasting peace. With a career spanning 30+ years in the fields of conflict prevention, leadership, stress management and communication, he is a highly sought-after facilitator for individuals, as well as corporations, government agencies and nonprofits around the world and the founder of The Weston Network and Fierce Civility Project.
Leadership Facilitator
Resilience Coach
Peace Catalyst
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