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Are you feeling a sense of burnout or overwhelm at work? Do your teams need expert support with effectively collaborating and holding each other accountable? 

The Weston Network’s leadership programs, training, workshops, coaching and consulting can help you move through difficult conversations while  increasing your skills, resiliency and productivity.

Creating a Culture of mutual empowerment

A resilient team or team member can think and feel at the same time. Doing so leads to effective decision-making, clear communication, and the ability to meet challenges with confidence and success. Cultivating resilience means that you are able to simultaneously care for yourself and others.

At the Weston Network, we call this “creating a culture of mutual empowerment” . . . one that is inclusive while affording everyone the right to respectfully and assertively hold themselves and each other accountable. It’s exactly what today’s workplace needs, especially in these uncertain times. Mutual empowerment makes all the difference between an organization struggling to survive and one that thrives in the midst of widespread challenges, reorganizations and internal strife.

Inspired by the insights of neuroscience and contemporary communication models, as well as the deep wisdom and practices of martial arts and somatic techniques, the Weston Network’s programs offer easy-to-follow methods (designed to benefit both leaders and teams), exercises and tools that produce immediate, tangible benefits. By investing time and energy into building trust, collaboration and personal self-care, you will see your productivity trending markedly upward with much less time and effort.

While all of our programs are individually designed to meet the needs of your organization, our offerings generally include:

“My team functions much more effectively using processes built and put in place through the work with Respectful Confrontation. They get things done 20% faster, and better, because they know how to communicate effectively and resolve conflict quickly. People have stopped coming to me complaining about others; the drama has disappeared almost completely.”



Address chronic stress and harmful coping mechanisms head on.

Ideal for: Leaders, managers and teams
Timeframe: 1.5 to 2 days
Format: In-person or virtual, instruction plus practices

Stress Management

Based on neuroscience and mind-body practices, this skills-building training offers the means to fortify your personal resilience. Using Weston’s easy-to-apply 4 Pillars of Resilient Power, you will learn to cultivate more balanced, concrete ways of navigating daily challenges and work stresses. As you master these tools over time, you will enjoy decreased burnout and anxiety, greater vitality, more effective decision-making, and enhanced communication and cooperation with others. The workshop includes time to test out these tools and set future goals for a self-care plan that works for you.


Acquire clear skills and strategies for tackling difficult conversations.

Ideal for: Leaders, managers and teams
Timeframe: 1.5 to 2 days
Format: In-person or virtual, instruction plus practices

Respectful Confrontation Workshop

This training presents an overall taste of the Weston Network’s signature training, which has benefited individuals and organizations around the world for 20+ years. Its interactive approach will help you cultivate a deeper sense of inner balance, grounding and focus. As you confidently develop the dexterous use of assertiveness and flexibility, this will ensure that the challenges you confront are handled in ways that lead to mutual empowerment and new solutions to old problems, while reducing the risk of harm to yourself or others. The result is an expansion of trust, collaboration and a healthy work culture. The workshop includes time for role playing, team-building interactivity, and creative problem solving.


Experience an enhanced approach to both resilience training and conflict prevention techniques.

Ideal for: Leaders, managers and teams
Timeframe: 3 to 4 days
Format: In-person or virtual, instruction plus practices

Cultures of Accountability Training

This intensive program integrates our Respectful Confrontation® method and powerful stress management training. You will learn the importance of investing time and energy in self-care practices, along with effective ways to deepen and strengthen work relationships. With inclusivity and accountability as core values, you will be guided to craft a multidimensional action plan for integrating these competencies into your daily work life. The training includes time for role playing, team-building interactivity, creative problem solving, and setting future goals/intentions for yourself and your team.


Energize your teams to bring more of their personal uniqueness, core competencies and innovation to their work.

Ideal for: Leaders, managers, management teams
Timeframe: 4 to 6 months
Format: Combination of in-person and virtual workshops, one-on-one coaching, peer learning groups and assessments

Resilient Power Leadership Program

If you are a leader or on your company’s management team (new or seasoned), and are looking for enhanced, human-centered tools to shift your work atmosphere to a culture of mutual empowerment, this is the perfect program. It will support you in realizing the shared creative capacity of each individual, as they join with you and your company-wide commitment to a common vision and agreed-upon ways of treating one another.

Based on neuroscience and mind-body practices, this foundational Resilient Power leadership training focuses on building resilience and addressing chronic stress and harmful coping mechanisms. The result is increased vitality and productivity, effective decision-making, enhanced communication and collaboration, and an overall healthier work environment. This training can also actualize a greater sense of purpose and personal fulfillment, more respectful ways to hold one another accountable, and increased buy-in from staff. Elements of the program include active learning through dialogue, interactive exercises and strategic planning.


Be a culture changer and Resilient Power trainer within your organization.

Ideal for: Leaders within organizations
Timeframe: 4 to 6 months, plus subsequent one-on-one mentorship
Format: In-person or virtual

Resilient Power Facilitator Training

After completing the Resilient Power Leadership Program, some participants may see the benefit of integrating this approach more concretely throughout their organizations. If you are one such leader currently employed by an organization, the Weston Network has designed specific strategies and immersive training for you to train and coach others on this program, along with mediating staff challenges. Through extensive training and mentorship from our certified staff, you will gain the confidence to play a significant part in the rollout of your company’s commitment to its strategic plan and/or culture change.


Catalyze your most-cherished goals, purpose, mission or company to the next level and beyond.

Ideal for: Executives, managers, leaders and staff
Timeframe: Set according to the needs of the individual or organization
Format: In-person or virtual

Our one-on-one holistic coaching model brings all aspects of your life into alignment. You will feel totally supported to effectively develop better work/life balance and increased productivity, alongside a deeper sense of overall personal fulfillment. Through an interactive and collaborative consulting process, we guide you and your company on a journey toward developing a creative strategy for restoring utmost balance.

From there, we will help you forge a solid foundation built on trust, resilience and mutual respect that allows your company to thrive, grow and achieve its goals. Either with Joe or one of the Weston Network’s qualified facilitators, this coaching and consulting experience is designed according to your individual needs and those of your team.


Overcome issues that stand in the way of your productivity and vitality.

Ideal for: Individuals, groups, communities, company teams
Timeframe: Set according to the client’s needs/preferences
Format: In-person or virtual

Workplace Mediation

Before a company can find stability and thrive, it must first address any underlying issues that may be undermining its effectiveness, productivity and vitality. By addressing these issues in a safe and structured way, balance can be restored to the system and the individuals in it. Joe Weston’s synergistic process of mediation and conflict-prevention coaching can support you, your group, community or organization in coming to common ground and, ultimately, finding resolutions for whatever issues you are courageously confronting. This mediation may include experiential exercises to shift mindsets, pivot behaviors and increase communication-skills competency.


Turn your work goals into concrete actions that lead to tangible results.

Timeframe: 90 minutes, ongoing
Format: Virtual on Zoom

Integrating new tools and shifting viewpoints and behaviors takes time, patience and diligence. That’s why we offer regular practice sessions for anyone who has experienced our skills-based courses. These gatherings allow for deeper levels of contemplation and engagement with others who share a common commitment to bringing about more mutual empowerment, healthy dialogue and shifts in our professional discourse. Each session includes practice, group dialogue, peer coaching and collaborative problem-solving.

If you’ve completed one of our programs, click below for information on how to join these gatherings. 

If you are new to the Weston Network, check out our  Events page for upcoming open enrollment events.


View common workplace challenges from a new perspective and gain a clearer sense of what’s possible at work. Learn more about cutting-edge skills and strategies that are unique to the Weston Network, and why individuals and organizations worldwide rely on them every day. You will walk away with a renewed sense of possibility and a new vision for how to overcome the challenges you may be facing at work. Joe’s dynamic, interactive approach makes for a fun and thought/heart-provoking experience while providing clear, easy-to-apply insights and tools.

Invite Joe to present a keynote, lecture or seminar for your group or organization.

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Amazon #1 bestseller in 14 categories, including Leadership Training, Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation, and Stress Reduction

Communities Change Fierce Civility

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