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Most individuals have never had opportunities to learn the essential skills of navigating difficult conversations, having agency over their level of internal balance, and getting their needs met in ways that don’t cause harm. With the state of our turbulent world, this is the perfect time to master these competencies!

Develop Authentic Expression

The challenges that humanity has endured in recent years and continues to face are requiring more from us—especially, an enhanced capacity to find our personal grounding, joy and vitality, sense of purpose, and the resilience to imagine a hopeful path forward. Many of us are realizing that our current strategies and skills don’t seem to be as effective as they once were in achieving these outcomes.

This is the mission of the Weston Network. All of our offerings are designed to provide you with upgraded, enhanced tools and insights for learning to speak your truth skillfully, deepen your important relationships and tap into new internal energy resources. They can also support you in developing more effective avenues of authentic expression based on respect, courage and collaboration.

Inspired by the insights of neuroscience and contemporary communication models, as well as the deep wisdom and practices of martial arts and somatic techniques, the Weston Network’s programs offer easy-to-follow methods, exercises and tools that produce immediate, tangible benefits.

Ways to begin your personal journey with us . . .

“Humans have the potential to resolve conflict peacefully—whether it is between individuals or nations. Joe Weston’s trainings in Respectful Confrontation show us how to manifest that potential in a way that deepens our wisdom and awakens our heart. Reading this book will bring you more intimacy in your relationships and more capacity to help stem the tides of violence in our world.”


Enhance your journey of tapping your authentic power with our three signature programs:

  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Respectful Confrontation®
  • 4 Pillars of Resilient Power

Study and practice building your resilience and speaking your truth by synthesizing embodied technologies like concentration and martial arts exercises with a basic knowledge of neuroscience. These workshops and trainings provide a variety of easy-to-apply tools and exercises. Engaging with them will result in noticeable positive shifts in behavior, deeper self-insights, the ability to navigate chronic stress, and greater ease when tackling challenging situations. You will feel confident as you cultivate more physical vitality, emotional stability, mental clarity and spiritual grounding.

Contact us for details and pricing on these offerings or on hosting a workshop or training.

PERSONAL Assessment


Taking the 4 Pillars of Resilient Power personal assessment is a free, easy and fun way to begin your self-discovery journey with the Weston Network’s palette of offerings.

Ideal for: Individuals
Format: Online assessment,
followed by personal results and workbook


This online tool will cause you to reflect on the way you view your habits, behaviors, and thoughts, particularly when faced with challenges. Most psychological assessment tools provide you with a fixed personality type. The 4 Pillars of Resilient Power assessment gifts you with a glimpse into your current relationship with your innate power and capacities. Think of it as your launching pad for intentional growth and expansion!

Joe Weston and the Weston Network developed this assessment after two decades of presenting workshops and coaching based on the 4 Pillars of Resilient Power. They saw a need and desire for individuals like you to understand their balance of personal power. The results, based on your response to 40 key statements, inform how you view yourself in the world, your level of comfort in engaging with others, and your ability to assert your truth and access your authentic personal power.

Once you have taken this assessment and received your results, you may have a clearer idea how you would like to continue engaging with our offerings, including using one of our qualified coaches to help you interpret your results.



Catalyze your most-cherished goals, mission, business or calling to the next level.

Timeframe: Set according to the client’s needs,
preferences and goals
Format: In-person or virtual, one-on-one

The Weston Network’s multi-faceted coaching methodology provides the insights you need to shift the balance of your personal power. Both theoretical and experiential, this highly individualized process will enable you to clarify (then craft) an action plan for best expressing your gifts, talents and desires in the world. You will feel fully seen and supported as you discover approaches and practices for integrating greater focus, grounding, strength and flexibility into your professional and personal lives. The result is a sense of ease in actualizing your goals and a deeper purpose in all aspects of your life.

Coaching with Joe (or one of our qualified coaches) is ideal if you:

  • want more support in analyzing the results of your Resilient Power assessment.
  • are an executive seeking a more human-centered, values-driven approach and strategy for how to most effectively lead.
  • are a parent or teacher searching for more effective ways to communicate with your students, children and those around you.
  • are at a point in your life where you want more spiritual grounding and direction towards your authentic calling.

Check out the bios of Joe and his team to get a sense of who we are.
Contact us to schedule a 30-minute conversation and share with us what you are seeking. This will help us determine which coach would work best for you.


Get support, feel heard and quickly resolve issues.

Ideal for: Individuals, families, friends, co-workers, communities
Timeframe: Set according to the client’s needs/preferences
Format: In-person or virtual, one-on-one or group setting

Joe Weston’s synergistic process of mediation and conflict-prevention coaching can support you and your family, friends and co-workers in coming to common ground and, ultimately, finding resolutions for whatever issues you are courageously confronting. This mediation may include experiential exercises to shift mindsets, pivot behaviors and increase communication-skills competency. Joe (or one of his certified trainers/mediators) will lead you, you and your partner, your family or your community in a human-centered, collaborative process that honors the dignity and truth of everyone involved, thereby increasing the chances for win-win solutions that work for all.


Learn valuable skills as your schedule permits.

Ideal for: Anyone
Timeframe: 45-minutes, 90-minutes, or 2 to 3 hours (half day)
Format: In-person or virtual, either fee-based or donation-based

Open Enrollment Seminars

Treat yourself to insightful information about stress management and resilience, the crucial tools of Respectful Confrontation®, or the always useful 4 Pillars of Resilient Power. Our open enrollment events make it easy for you to join us for small pockets of time to learn useful skills, or whenever you feel the nudge to get extra support to hone your skills.


Invite Joe to present a lecture or lead a seminar for your group or organization.

Ideal for: Anyone
Timeframe: Ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours
Format: In-person or virtual

Joe Weston guest lecture

Learn more about cutting-edge skills and strategies that can help you discover your authentic power, transform challenges into opportunities, engage respectfully with others, empower your leadership skills, cultivate resilience in times of uncertainty, and much more. Joe’s dynamic, interactive approach makes for a fun and thought/heart-provoking experience while providing clear, easy-to-apply insights and tools.

Click below to get information on how to arrange for Joe to present a lecture for your group or organization.


Enroll in our 4-day advanced trainings.

Advanced Training

After completing the Weston Network’s beginner-level, open-enrollment programs, you will be eligible to enroll in our 4-day advanced trainings.From there, you can apply and interview to join in on Joe’s Apprenticeship programs and, ultimately, the 6-month Facilitating Transformation immersive facilitator training. Contact us to learn more.


Turn your best ideas and strategic plans into concrete action.

Timeframe: 90 minutes, ongoing
Format: Virtual on Zoom

Integrating new tools and shifting viewpoints and behaviors takes time, patience and diligence. That’s why we offer regular practice sessions for those who have experienced our skills-based courses. These gatherings allow for deeper levels of contemplation and engagement with other participants who share a common commitment to bringing about more mutual empowerment, healthy dialogue and the cultivation of inner balance and resilience. Each session includes practice, group dialogue, peer coaching and collaborative problem-solving.

If you’ve completed one of our programs, click below for information on how to join these gatherings. 

If you are new to the Weston Network, check out our Events page for upcoming open events. 



Amazon #1 bestseller in 14 categories, including Leadership Training, Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation, and Stress Reduction

Communities Change Fierce Civility

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