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Joe Weston

I can’t keep quiet about the independent party anymore!

Independent Party

Note: All posts are written with the intention of the Respectful Confrontation Polarity Antidote Philosophy.

Everyone is talking about the huge debt this country has and sitting and watching millions and millions of dollars wasted on this campaign. The candidates are all pandering themselves; when they are told to jump, they jump. Why? To win those precious votes from those who call themselves Independent. In essence, these citizens who call themselves undecided voters, or Independent voters, are holding this nation hostage!

Let’s get to the reality: the Independent Party is not a party! There is no party constitution; they have no distinctive philosophy or vision for America. It is simply a name for people who don’t want to identify with any other party. Let’s call it for what it is; let’s call it the “Indifferent Party”.

This Independent Party is so indicative of the general American attitude: “I don’t like what I’m being offered, so I’ll just wait and see what tickles my fancy.” This is the basic core message in the very American movement I call “Consumerism”. Consumerism is the most accurate way to define the spirit of America since World War II – not Democracy, not Capitalism. Somewhere along the way, we reworded the Declaration of Independence from “…the right to life, liberty and the pursuitof happiness…” to “…the right to life, liberty and happiness.”

Somehow, we as Americans believe that it is our right to be happy. And we will fight for that happiness even at the expense of others. This has been tearing away at the basic moral core of this nation. “I, as an American, have the right to shop around! Do not mess with that!” So, many sit around and force our politicians to become salesman and dancing monkeys who are forced to stoop to anything to get their vote. This is so backward.

In a healthy nation, each individual would be proud that they could vote. They would align themselves with the party that came closest to their values, and then they would work hard to support that party to flourish. If they disagreed with policy, they would go out and vote to have their voice heard. If there were no party that represented them, they would go out and start a party. This ideal nation advocates personal responsibility and not self-indulgence as a way of being.

Unfortunately, the US has a two-party system. Of course, Americans are angry and feel like they are not being heard. How can two parties successfully adhere to the needs of over 300 million people? I learned a lot from my time in the Netherlands. With many parties in Parliament, there was at least one party that you felt came close to representing your needs. They may not have many seats in Parliament, but at least you know there is someone there advocating for you. If you would like your party to have more seats and therefore more power, you go out and support that party. With this kind of system, you vote for a party, not a person. It shouldn’t get to the level of a popularity contest. We are not voting for Homecoming King, we are voting for President of the Untied States!

So, here’s my message to the Indifferents – oops – I mean, Independents, and undecided voters. This isn’t about you taking your time waiting for the next upgraded iPhone. This is about the basic fundamental health and survival of our nation and our relationship with the world. This isn’t about who you like and what annoys you about a person.  If you don’t like the two major parties, research the other parties. Just make a decision NOW and get out and support that party.

For those of you who are disappointed with Obama, get a larger perspective. Give him a break! Look at the corresponding factors that contributed to his successes and failures these last four years. He is not leading in a vacuum. He doesn’t make all the decisions by himself. Come on, use common sense! He’s not an iPhone that you trade in when it doesn’t function the way you want it to. He has worked very hard the last four years and is planning on working just as hard for the next four years. That’s all we can ask of any president.

Are you having trouble delineating between the two major parties? Let me help you out: Both parties truly believe that they want America to succeed, financially and morally. They will do what they think is necessary to make life safe and pleasant for Americans.

The major difference? One party thinks that the best way to manifest this is to have an eclectic, shared leadership made up of women, people of color, queer people, lower income people, as well as white wealthy men. The other party truly believes that the best way to implement the happiness of all (legal) Americans is by letting the wealthy white straight men make the decisions.

In terms of foreign policy, one party thinks the best way to be a responsible force in the world is to use diplomacy, share the burden of support and build trust, respect and alliances with others. The other party believes using force and arms, and getting your enemies and allies to fear you is the best way to assert power in the world.

Both could work, which do you want?

Just choose NOW…


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