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Joe Weston

Destiny Lines: Sacred Activism

Destiny Lines, Rachel Mann, PhD

Destiny Lines: Sacred Activism for Peacemaking and Ending Violence with Rachel Mann, PhD

Join Rachel Mann, PhD, of Destiny Lines sacred activist, social scientist, healer and spiritual mentor and her amazing guests on her podcast, Destiny Lines: Sacred Activism for Peacemaking and Ending Violence as they explore the multidimensional sources and impacts of violence and how we can end the cycle for future generations into an enduring peace.

In these tumultuous times, it is critically important to continue to build a Great Wave of Peace on a planetary level. Destiny Lines are energetic pathways of light along which humanity and the planet travels from the dimension of the soul at the moment of birth and on into this physical time-space continuum, and from there, into the present and towards the future. We stand at a critical turning point in which violence in all its forms, from subtle to overt, unfolds and escalates in every corner of the world. To heal and end transgenerational cycles of violence and build a sustainable world, we must expand on and even change political, societal, psychological, and medical solutions to include spiritual practices, tools, and wisdom. Building the fires of compassion into practical actions will have an exponential impact on all the challenges we face, including war, genocide, racism, oppression, climate change, poverty, and economic justice.

Joe Weston, author of Fierce Civility: Transforming Our Global Culture from Polarization to Lasting Peace, shares his powerful framework for healing the world through and out of these times of intense conflict and polarization. He redefines the concepts of “fierceness” and “civility” in his definition of Fierce Civility: “An unrestrained zeal and furious, active determination to communicate and build relationships motivated by our highest principles, thereby igniting hope, honor and respect for each individual and the planet.” Learn about how Joe proposes how to break the gridlock of stagnant polarization, foster healing and reconciliation, find new alliances, set the groundwork for inclusive, diverse collaborations, design new, resilient and sustainable solutions, while utilizing them as a blueprint for lasting peace. 

Joe Weston is an international trainer, author, lecturer, consultant, coach, professor, and—above all else—an advocate for lasting peace. With a career spanning 30+ years in the fields of conflict prevention, leadership, stress management, and communication, he is a highly sought-after facilitator for individuals, as well as corporations, government agencies and nonprofits around the world. He has been on a lifelong quest to understand the source of conflicts and polarization and to find solutions. This led him to develop a methodology called Respectful Confrontation. Through a network of 30+ certified trainers, and even more allies and collaborators in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, people from all walks of life have greatly benefited from Joe’s highly effective methodology—from corporate innovators and entrepreneurs, government agencies, INGOs, educators, healthcare workers, parents and young adults. He has consulted with NASA, the World Bank, Oxfam, Booz Allen Hamilton, PBS, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KLM, The National Cancer Institute, The National Health Institute, The United Nations, and Mitsubishi Motors.

In 2020, he founded the Fierce Civility Project, a nonprofit that further carries out the Weston Network’s programs and message across all sectors by helping others reclaim and reframe of concept of civility for the 21st century, activate deeper levels of civic engagement and respectful civil discourse, and break the gridlock caused by extreme polarization. Joe’s work with women’s rights and other humanitarian organizations in the Middle East and United States focuses on empowerment and leadership. He has also worked with various veterans’ organizations in processes of integration and healing, as was a volunteer facilitator for the Liberation Prison Project, teaching meditation and leadership to inmates.

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Amazon #1 bestseller in 14 categories, including Leadership Training, Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation, and Stress Reduction

Communities Change Fierce Civility

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