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  • A cure for chronic niceness May 1, 2024
    Weston is the founder of the Weston Network, which provides trainings, consulting and coaching.For those who have been following my “Ask Joe” articles for the last two and a half years, you have seen me write often about a pattern that many of us fall into — one I call “chronic niceness.” The purpose of […]
  • Tired from the daily struggle? Rest, reset and restore. March 8, 2024
    Weston is the founder of the Weston Network, which provides trainings, consulting and coaching.Hey, Joe. I’m tired. Every time I seem to feel like my efforts are having some impact, a new thing happens in the world, in government, in society, in my immediate circle. It’s hard to stay motivated. Any thoughts? Too tired to […]
  • Ask Joe: Overcome chronic niceness January 26, 2024
    Hi, Joe. I have been struggling with an issue since I got back from visiting family in the Midwest for the holidays. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but I was shocked at how bad my nephew looked. He looked too thin, worn out, and seemed emotionally disconnected. He was always a bright, […]
  • Ask Joe: Pivot from opposition to connection December 22, 2023
    Hello, JoeI read your last article and found your tips for the holidays with family helpful, but I’m having trouble with your suggestion that we don't “offer opinions and declarations of condemnation.” There are terrible things happening. We need to say something, don’t we? Are you suggesting I sit back and let them happen?DoubtfulHello, Doubtful.I […]
  • Ask Joe: Holidays in blazing conflict November 17, 2023
    Hi Joe,There’s so much going on. It has already been so intense with so many conflicts around the world. Now there’s the tragedy in the Middle East. I’m trying so hard to hold space for all my friends, colleagues and family members. Everyone is taking sides and not able to talk to one another. I’m […]
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Our ongoing exploration of the internal powers for an Agent of Hope continues to reveal how to overcome confusion, anxiety, stasis, anger, or hopelessness. In each article, we have discussed the essential components that can, when practiced, allow us to step into

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Advice for the Holiday Season

Hello there, I wish you all well as we enter the holiday season. And once again, this is the time of year when many people get in touch to ask advice on how to navigate the inevitable holiday gatherings that include family

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Communities Change Fierce Civility

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